Enjoy Your Home That Is Always Ready To Sell

Dated: February 14 2018

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if your home was always ready to sell? What I mean is that many of us tend to let things go, or wait on repairs, or hold off spending money to improve or decorate our home until we are getting ready to sell. Then when we do decide we would like to sell our home, it takes a lot of time and money to get it ready. Don't hold off on updates if it is possible to do them now. As a realtor, I have heard sellers say that they wished they had updated before, so they could have enjoyed their home more while they were living in it. And on my side, a ready to go home makes the process seamless. 

The condition of the property affects the price and speed of the sale. As potential buyers often make purchases based on emotion, first impressions are important.  A clean, nicely decorated, move-in ready home can bring in thousands more on a home sale.   Here are some items to consider as you are getting your home up to par.

Pressure wash your home, outbuildings, and driveway at least once a year. Not only will it look better, but it will remove any damaging algae from the exterior surfaces. And while you are focusing on the exterior, replace any wood rot right away, to prevent further damage. Remember, never pressure wash a roof, it can permanently damage the shingles. There are roof (and exterior surface) rinses that you can purchase at your local home center that you can apply and forget about, and they will continue to kill algae for months.  Clean windows and window screens inside and out once a year, as well.

It is always a good time to simplify. The current trend in home decor, is the minimalist look. Get rid of all clutter and just keep what you need and what you love. Have a garage sale, donate to thrift stores, give away your extras. It really feels good clean out and clear out. Making your home clean, clear, and bright is the greatest tool for selling your home. One tip, I tell my sellers it to change all your light bulbs to the "daylight " version. It makes a home look much brighter and more spacious. If you would ever hire a decorator, after you have cleaned and cleared out your home is a good time.

Now that your home is clutter free, it is ready for a fresh coat of paint. And don't forget the trim. Think neutral and light. Use your decor to brighten your home, not dark or over the top colored walls. That also goes for paint on the outside of your home. Neutrals are best, possibly with a door that pops with a complementary color. Heavy draperies and window covers are no longer the trend. Get airy and lighter colored window coverings, or even in some areas, no coverings at all, except blinds. Remember simple is now the best selling point.

And lastly, repair any cracked windows, torn screens, dripping faucets, damaged plaster, tiles, or trim. Replace ancient appliances if it is possible, and then enjoy your new surroundings while you still live in your home. And when you finally do decide to sell, call me, and you will be ready to go.

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Enjoy Your Home That Is Always Ready To Sell

Wouldn't it be fantastic if your home was always ready to sell? What I mean is that many of us tend to let things go, or wait on repairs, or hold off spending money to improve or decorate 

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