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Dated: June 1 2017

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So, this Mother's Day, my kids gave me a gift certificate for Molly Maids. They know how busy I've been lately with the Real Estate market really hopping. So I was thrilled with the gift. I went on to the website to find out about setting up an appointment and found a treasure trove of cleaning tips, helps, and ideas, as well, as a whole list of time savers. And it's all free and some printable. I haven't yet used their services, so I can't vouch for them, but the website is amazing. This is the Tallahassee URL:   Once you are there, go to the tab towards the top labeled "Cleaning Institute" . They have lists for cleaning a whole house, for cleaning specific rooms, and even for specific tasks. For example, there is a link on how to clean rings from a coffee table. They also have printable chore charts for kids, some with tasks already on them, and others that are blank to write in the tasks. There are sections on Green Cleaning, and on keeping bugs out of the home, Spring cleaning, Holiday cleaning, Party prep, cleaning for Pet Owners,and a whole section on Time management with more than 20 tabs of time saving ideas. Speaking of time management, I better stop checking out the website and put some of these ideas into actions. I'm ready for a clean home with help from Molly Maid, and all the tips for my own use. Next time, I will let you know how it all turns out.

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