Importance Of Pre Qualifying Before Searching For Your New Home

Dated: 04/14/2017

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One thing I have been stressing to my new clients who want to purchase a home, is the importance of getting pre-qualified before starting on their home search. There are some good reasons to get that taken care of first. One reason is that many home buyers think they know the amount they can afford to spend on a home, and the amount they will be able to borrow. Until all the numbers are plugged in and all their current obligations and debts are accounted for, it is very hard to guess how the outcome will turn out. There may be areas the home buyer never considered to take into account. Seeing a loan officer first is the definite best way to start. Another reason to get pre-qualified is to be ready to make an offer at any time. The current market is clearly fast moving and many nice homes are swept up within a week of being listed, and many have had multiple offers on the first day to the market. So, having a letter of pre-qualification ready gives the buyer a head start and the ability to make an immediate offer. Because of how hot the market has been, we have seen a new technique with some of our local lenders. Instead of just pre-qualifying buyers, they are going a step further and getting all the documents in order to actually be able to make a loan commitment before the buyer has even found the house they want to buy. This also saves a ton of time once the contract is signed to move towards a quick close. And think how much more solid the buyers offer will be when they can say, not only are they pre-qualified, but also have a loan commitment. This is so important in a multiple offer situation. If the seller knows the buyer is solid financially, even if the offer is a little less, they may be more willing to chose that offer. Many contracts fall through once the buyers bring in all the required documentation and see that they are actually in a worse position than they thought financially. With a loan commitment, you bypass that possibility. In conclusion, the definite best first step in your journey towards home ownership, is to see a loan officer and get pre-qualified, and better yet, get a loan commitment. If you would like to know which area lenders are moving towards that approach, feel free to give me a call at 850-766-5559. Here's hoping for a smooth move into your future home purchase.

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