Dated: May 12 2017

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WAIT!! Don't touch that pressure washer! Were you thinking of pressure washing your roof to make it look new again? Don't make that mistake, it can cost you thousands! Pressure washers are too strong for roof shingles. A pressure washer can make holes that will go completely through a shingle and at the very least, it will remove the important granules covering the shingle and shorten its life by years. It can cause so much damage that it could require complete roof replacement. 

Many people confuse soft washing a roof with pressure washing a roof. Soft washing is a chemical process that will clean a roof. When a roof is soft washed, it looks much better on day one, but on day two, week two and maybe even longer, the chemicals keep working to kill algae and improve the appearance of your roof. With each rainfall after a chemical wash, the ingredients reactivate and over time, the roof can even look better than the day the chemical was applied. There are many companies that soft wash roofs. You can find them in the Yellow Pages or online.

So, make sure you don't use a pressure washer on a roof, but do call a local Soft Wash company to use their cleaning process and your roof may look as good as new and it may even lengthen the life of your roof by removing damaging algae. If you have plans to sell your home and want it to have fantastic curb appeal, the roof is a good place to start.

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